What is a website?

I apologize for the lousy English. Using an automatic translator. If you are willing to help translate the site and the program in English, write in the Feedback.

Website of the program «The Lotter Pro», the purpose of which at the time of its creation is:

  1. Bypass Roscomnadzor site TheLotter.com (TheLotter.ru), which occurred at the end of 2015.
  2. Get the latest lottery results from the site Thelotter and quick go to the corresponding game. Use the latest available without a proxy site Thelotter to speed up the program.
  3. At the time of the first public version 0.1 — is still only an idea — keeping the database runs and assistance in the selection of options.

2019 — in finally, I radically altered the program, now it can update any database available on the Thelotter’s website (though I need certain manual settings for each file, and so for starters I posted only the 4 most playable lotteries), introduced Markov chains and RNG. The program is now multi-platform and, as before, free. Ideas and suggestions are welcome.