Variants Comparison Module

One of the important stages of lottery games is checking variants for matches with past draws so as not to lose a possible win. For these purposes in the TheLottery program is intended the Comparison module.

1) Choose a range of draws with which to compare your options from “From Draw” to “To Draw”

2) In the input field “Input” enter your variants in this format:

  • each variant on a separate line
  • individual numbers are separated by spaces (1 2 3 …)
  • groups of numbers are separated by a semicolon (1 2 3 4 5; 7 8; 9)
  • regular numbers come first; then additional (if any); then bonus (if any)

That is, in this form 5 16 70 26 30 (regular balls); 3 (additional ball)

3) Verification is carried out by the button “Compare”

4) In the “Result” output field, if the “Short out” checkbox is not selected, the entered variant will be displayed first, and in the next line, a detailed description of how many and which numbers coincided in each draw of the selected range and winnings (if there is data for prizes for this draw). And so for each variant.

If the “Short out” flag is set, then immediately after the entered variant a short presentation of the win in the format of the divisions will be displayed (2 + 1 + PB: 2 regular numbers, 1 bonus number and 1 additional match), and the corresponding prize.

On the Thelotter website, the additional number is indicated as PB (PowerBall) and is highlighted in red. The bonus ball is highlighted in blue.

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