Tough choices WordPress themes

How difficult to pick a theme for your site. It seems a little bit like: to be free, easy and clean, not overloaded with graphics, it is advisable to adjust to the size of the screen (and to smartphones looked fine – but not necessarily).

Meanwhile the official website WordPress – heaps. You put one likes. You begin to adjust by itself (the counter to place there, logotype change) – and then pop up all sorts of bugs, nuances and specially rigged rake. Well, how else can you explain that the theme «Iconic-one» tag does not handle more. Or rather, if you do not you put it, then she breaks the page. Well, if you put, the Next button is no longer there. It turns out it’s just a stripped-down theme of the paid version. Do you want to work properly – Buy Pro version. And there are so complete.

Well, just do not like the color. Fonts. It would be desirable to adjust for themselves such nuances smaller. Same thing with the translation into Russian.

Here, for example the current theme, like all arranged (though the font Century Gothic I did not like, changed to Verdana). Cheers, uploaded to the site, I decided to write the news. And there visually everything is painted a dark color (background: # 404040;). Well, why is that? Well, everything else is satisfied, background is changed. Next we have the course work with the site to solve emerging problems.

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