TheLottery program

TheLottery program is designed to download historical lotteries data from the site of the international lotto operator TheLotter. Then these data can be analyzed and used to play with increased chances of winning. In the program at the time of the release of the first public version includes databases with a history of lottoballs draws and prize divisions for four lotteries: EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, American Megamillions and Powerball. In the future, the number of databases will expand (if you need to speed up the addition of a specific lottery – write). Of the analytical modules, again at the time of the first release, Markov chain analysis, a random generator, a comparison module, both separate and built-in, are available.

You can download the program archive from the Download Center. The archive is simply unpacked into any convenient, but writable, directory under the current user. The program requires a Java virtual machine version 1.8.

TheLottery lottery program is absolutely free and works both on Windows and Linux, in the presence of the above Java VM. Performance on iOS has not been tested.


1) The First Step in the TheLottery program
2) Updating the current database with the history of the lottery numbers
3) Module for comparing variants with the archive of draws
4) Random variants generator
5) Analysis of the draws history and the forecast of lotteries variants based on Markov Chains