The new version of The Lotter Pro

I decided to do all the same installer program. Well, once with the installer the people most likely will install the program in the “Program Files” (in my case “C: \ Program Files (x86)” – since I specifically just under 86 compiled), it had to address the issue of recording and save the settings, proxy list lotteries in custom folders with the correct permissions.
But you can still install and in other folders, then the above mentioned files will be stored in the directory with the program. In fact, no more changes, except that the updated proxy list. Yes, and now the installation file called TheLotterSetup.exe (was, and therefore have to change it in the program directory of the few where I had to send it (and where taken, and then there are some that will not point the finger, which seems from the last decade do not update their catalogs).

One thought on “The new version of The Lotter Pro

  1. Упс. Путаница с этими названиями файлов, мой раскуроченный менеджер загрузок считает только по имени Во время заметил глюк. Хотя… пока никто и не скачал, все счетчики только от моих тестов.

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