The first version of the program

So, after the agonizing development of a new programming language (although some experience programming in BASIC, I have), attempts to visually comb appearance of the program (but this is worse, there is generally no idea what-where and how it should be located), the first of its version is ready for public consumption.

Let’s start with the history of versions 0.1 rooms, will continue to slowly add to the counter as fix bugs and add new features.

At first I thought I just make a connection and disconnection of the global system of proxy (must be valid for all browsers, at least IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox). Lists of free proxy servers (it is necessary for a secure protocol https), you can easily find on the net, they are making on the page program settings (large button with the tools).

The delivery of proxy are working at the time of writing this post. They need to be administered in the form, ie after the colon is the port number.

Of course, you can do it (change the proxy server) manually or using browser plug-ins (which unfortunately does not always work). You can, but there is a button that shows the way the taskbar is enabled or not a proxy.

Then the idea once Zelotter become, following the example of the bookmakers make their mirrors, which are not yet blocked by Roskomnadzor, then why not get information directly from these mirrors and every user of the program can not enable the proxy, and any browser Pribluda go and play on the official mirror Zelottera?

No sooner said than done. However, the feature to install the proxy, as it were not necessary, but it can be useful for other banned sites, the same bookmakers and torrenov.

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