The First Step in the TheLottery

When you first start the program, you need to open the lottery database. This is done through the File-> Open menu, in the dialog that appears, select the “Databases” directory with the databases and in it the desired sqlite file, for example euromillions-99.sqlite. The name of the files is formed from the name of the lottery on and its identifier there: lotteryRef. In principle, all this data is contained in the database itself, so you can rename the file.

After opening the base, the available history of draws will be displayed in the left panel. When moving through the table, information with prize categories of the selected draw will be displayed below. Unfortunately, only the last 3 years are available on And since I’ve recorded the history of draws for a long time, but I decided to keep the history of prizes only recently, there are no data on winning divisions for draws until September 2016 (although I hope to resolve this issue over time).

At the bottom of the division table there is a button (in the form of a globe with the letters WWW) that allows you to go directly to the website (or a mirror that can be configured separately) on the page of the selected draw.

Since I mentioned the setting of address or working mirror for countries blocking the main site, is this done in the menu ? -> Properties (or through the quick access panel with the gear icon)

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