The first public version of TheLottery program

The main goal of the program is to download the results of lotteries available on the website of the international operator, analyze them … and win the jackpot. Four lotteries (EuroMillions, Eurojackpot, Megamillions and American Powerball), Markov analysis, random generator, comparison module are included in the kit at the initial stage.

You can download the program archive at Then unzip it to any directory that is convenient but accessible for recording from the current user (otherwise the database update cannot work). The program requires Java installed from 1.8 (it may work on a smaller version, but I have not tried it). In the kit there is an executable file for Windows TheLottery.exe, which in the absence of a Java virtual machine will open its download page (you can manually download and install it from the official site Or you can immediately run TheLottery.jar (for example, from under Linux).

Databases are located in the Databases directory, in the lib directory are the libraries necessary for operation.

On a separate page will be collected the main points on the program work:

2 thoughts on “The first public version of TheLottery program

  1. If Java virtual machine is not already installed on your Ubuntu, then
    1) As usual, to start, we will update the list of packages:
    sudo apt-get update

    2) Then install the Java Runtime Environment JRE.
    sudo apt-get install default-jre

    3) Set the executable bit of TheLottery.jar file and now it can be launched with a simple click.

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