English version of Site

Why waste time on trifles? 🙂 Once the program is planned and with the support of the English language, that God ordered and conduct site in English. One problem in the English … that I did not order.

Not that it does any boom boom, even very technical to understand anything. Ordinary syllable already worse. But I can not write at all. And though at school I studied him, as unnecessary prescription of years, and all was forgotten. Well there is an automatic translator. Although sometimes it translated so that I can understand – just a bunch of words, or not at all in the subject. For example, some combinations of “required”, translated as “optional” 🙂 there is such.

So a small search plugins available … Pay reject initially. WPML simplest version of 29 dollars once and then annually to 15 (for the record, to find how to insert different emoticons, then I wanted to portray the surprise). So in the end I settled on Polilange. Free, easily digestible. Little training on lokalke and the server. However, if initially said “The language is set from the directory name in pretty permalinks”, then it would save time on creating copies of existing pages (which was done on the local host). And once installed on your “The language is set from content” and had to do it manually, the benefit of them not so much.

However, the plugin “Theme My Login” had to work hard, that replaces the standard WordPress login page, log out, registration, password reset, its recovery, you profile – its pages and writes in postmeta their teams. I had to climb in through phpMyAdmin database and manually add them to a second language. But it seems to work. And also in the rule base path and service record “CM Download Manager ” – do not load the 2 copies of the same program and screenshots to it for each language.

But it’s the easiest. Translating content – here’s the catch. While the compiler will use. And then, suddenly, there is a grateful user and correct English ponimabelnuyu rubbish on it.

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