Random variants generator

The easiest way to play the lottery is to rely on chance and let the random number generator (RNG) fill in the game variants. For these purposes, the “Random Generator” module is designed in TheLottery program.

When you open a database with a history of lottery drawings, its settings are entered in the module formula, but you can change them yourself. You configure how many (Balls Count) and from how many (Balls From) numbers to generate variants, regular (Regular), additional (Additional), bonus (Bonus) balls, sorting numbers in ascending order (Sort). The required number of variants is selected (Count of Variants), as well as, if desired, the archive circulation for verification (Check With Draw) and the format of this verification (Short or Full out) (for more details on the verification, see the description of the Comparison Module). That’s all, click the “Generate” button and the result will be displayed in the field on the right.

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