Powerball jackpot has reached $ 500 million!

While I was agonizing over the question of how to do auto-update program (after all, it is at a stage of rapid development, and the updates are frequent), mail notice from TheLOtter:

Since it is in English, here’s a free translation:

Last year’s record-breaking US lottery jackpot The Powerball beaten! This time, it reached $ 500 million dollars! You still have time to take part in his drawing, do not miss your chance! Buy a ticket now!

Oh, sorry, that’s the original:

The biggest event of the past year has just gotten bigger – the Powerball jackpot just increased to $500 MILLION.  There are still a few hours to go before the draw closes, this is the time to make the final push as the excitement reaches its climax.

So that those who fight for the polumilliardny lottery jackpot, get connected!

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