Lottery Database Update

Once the database is open, it can be updated. To do this, the “Update database” button is pressed in the quick access panel, after which the update window appears.

By default, the “From” selection box (after which draw to update) is set to the last draw in the current draws archive. This means that the program will try to download all subsequent draws from the Thelotter website. If you select not the latest but the earlier draw in the database (for example, 2019/77 on the screenshot), then the subsequent draws in the archive will be updated (2019/78 on the screenshot, but not 2019/77 itself, it will not be updated).

The start of the update process is initialized by the “Start” button. The progress of the process is accompanied by a progress bar and messages in the text box. If the update is successful, you will see the following window:

The last line will indicate how many draws have been updated and how many new ones have been added.

There are times when the Thelotter website has a link to a new draw, but there are no results on the page with it, in this case the program will give an error.

In the future, it is planned to avoid obtaining such incomplete data. In the meantime, just try updating the history of the lottery balls later.

That’s it, now your lottery base is relevant. You can begin to analyze and predict.

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