Installation requirements for the program

So, you decide to install the program on your computer. But first, make sure it it meets certain requirements. Although Microsoft has long refused to support Windows XP, it still has a sufficient number of fans.

Therefore, it was chosen the best possible framework for Windows XP with service pack 3 (SP3) – Microsoft .NET Framework 4. And it would be enough client profile that smaller full package. If you only have 3.5 or less, go to the link and set the desired package.

Well, if you have Windows 7 and above, all should work immediately. Unfortunately, I’ve not yet been able to test the functionality of the program on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, however, as on Windows XP, so if anyone would have a problem – according to the comments in detail about the situation.

The program is not provided with the installer (and it actually we need?). Simply unzip the file to the desired directory and run the file TheLotter.exe performance. The settings are saved by the Windows folder of the current user.

Power PC is not important, if the OS is running, and the program will be a lot of resources (at least in its initial version), it does not consume. The notebook works well four years ago.

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