Hello, World!

So you want to tell the world – Hello world! But recently, this same world from us are increasingly close. I’m not interested in politics, so the closing of access to all kinds of opposition media outlets does not bother me. Began to close access to torrents – and there seems to rarely use, and have the knowledge how to get around this blockage.

But at the end of last year shut down access to my favorite sites for the sale of real lottery tickets – TheLotter.ru and a little later and TheLotter.com. Here I could not resist and decided to loudly say hello to the world, beating all obstacles and barriers in the form of a “Great Wall”.

I’m not a programmer, so Courses at the institute, a free computer skills, even weak, but knowledge of technical English. Still, I took up a program to help people like me, doomed play to SUPERLOTO and Keno.

And then came 2016, a long vacation, and I’m willing to put in the first version of a network program. Please do not kick the novice, as long as the program does exactly what was meant.

I apologize for the lousy English. Using an automatic translator. If you are willing to help translate the site and the program in English, write in the Feedback.

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